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What we do
We help film and game producers create atmosphere and emotion for their productions, taking their audiences into the worlds they create by writing music that truly supports and compliments their stories. We achieve this by working closely with our clients and understanding that our main goal is not just to provide a piece of music, but to be a part of great production.
Who we are
We specialise in music for film and games. Our passion for film and game soundtracks help us to create immersive atmospheres specifically for your productions. Whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to provide the professional quality that you expect.

Why us?
As important as creativity is to any production, we also understand the pressures of budget limitations, deadlines and solving technical issues. Organisation and focus are crucial to the speed and quality control needed to create the best possible end product.

We understand that meeting a deadline, having a clear pricing policy, communicating with our clients and having a professional attitude are as important as writing good music. Our years of experience allow us to deliver music on time without sacrificing quality.

Contact us
Send us an email to mail@mmsrmusic.com or use this form
Steve Rogerson
Music Producer
Music producer, songwriter and sound designer from the UK. As a musician Steve has toured and released material with various rock and pop projects, before deciding to focus on music production and composition. His music often showcases strong rhythms and catchy melodies.
Marianna Makarova
Composer and singer-songwriter from Russia. Marianna specialises in using orchestral and electronic instrumentation to create atmospheric compositions and soundscapes. Her music is strongly influenced by her love of film soundtracks. Alongside songwriting, she has also performed for many years as a solo artist.

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